heartOur Philosophy

For over 40 years the Curi family has practiced pediatrics in Litchfield County

Joseph Curi, MD started his Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine practice in Torrington in 1970. What he enjoyed most about practicing in Northwestern Connecticut was being able to cultivate an intimate relationship with his patients, their parents and the community. Outside of the hospital and the office he was a fixture at high school basketball games, the Northwest Connecticut YMCA, and Pinewoods Racquet Club.

We returned to Torrington after finishing our training to take over the practice in 2004 when Dr. Joe retired. It is a privilege and an honor to have the opportunity to continue what he began.

We see the practice of Pediatrics as a partnership- we aim to guide parents and children throughout their early days, months and years. This is best done with open communication- a kind ear, the patience to listen and the willingness to tirelessly strive to find what works best for each child and family.

What Dr. Joe did best was keep the channels of communication constantly open. Even though the forces around medicine are forever shifting, our practice will always be based on the bedrock of the doctor-patient relationship. As pediatricians, we know that the best kind of pediatrics keeps the doctors very close to their patients and the families.

When you call the office, if you need to speak with us, just ask. We will personally call you back as soon as we can because we understand that when you call the doctor's office with a question about your child's health, having the direct Pediatrician's input ensures the best possible care.

Furthermore, as the owners of the practice we are in the fortunate position to keep the number one priority as the care we give. Our practice model will always be built around this foundation.

Welcome to our family- we look forward to taking care of yours!